You are required to write one weekly blog post of approximately 500 words. These blog posts will have a suggested topic that will generally relate to each week’s readings and activities, or you may write about whatever you want (related to the program, of course!). Blog posts will be due by the end of the week for which they are assigned.

Blog posts are not scholarly writing. You do not need to use citations unless you directly quote something or if it is unclear that you are using someone else’s work. Whenever possible, include links to other sites that you are referring to. You can be creative and include screenshots, videos, and other media in your posts. The goal of these posts is to reflect on the week’s theme.

If you wish to blog more than once a week, that is fine. Some ideas for entries could be: talking about a new tool we’ve used or that you’ve discovered; status updates on your projects; or anything else related to digital scholarship.

When publishing your blog posts, please use the category for the appropriate week so they are kept together.